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Access Control Systems

Whether you need to secure one point of entry, or have a facility that will involve hundreds of doors on several floors, or even in multiple buildings, IntelliDwelling can engineer and design a system to meet your needs. With an IntelliDwelling Access Control system, you can use any web-enabled computer or compatible device to:o:


  • Monitor all sensitive areas of your facility

  • Control employee access

  • Stay informed and grant real-time access to clients and guests with video and intercom entry systems


IntelliDwelling offers these Access Control options and more:


  • Card-reader Systems

  • Biometric Readers

  • Keypad Systems

  • Stand-alone Systems (single door)

  • Elevator Control

  • Installation of Electronic Door Hardware (strikes, electromagnetic locks, electrified latches or rods)

  • Annual Test and Inpsection, Preventative Maintenance, and Repair Service programs are also available.


Contact us to learn more about our fully-customizable Access Control solutions.

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