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Voice / Data Network Solutions

Whether you’re making a phone call, accessing a database, sharing a file, viewing a training video, closing a transaction, or sending an email, you’re doing it over a network. Networks are the indispensible foundation for delivery of advanced IT services and complex mission-critical applications such as customer resource management (CRM), supply-chain management (SCM), or transactional applications.


Virtually all organizations depend on networks to connect users with IT services, anytime, anywhere. IntelliDwelling designs and deploys flexible, reliable, secure networks—on time and within budget. We are experts in routing, switching, wireless, network security, and optimization. We also know how to supplement your networks with standards-based products to provide the exact capabilities you need to operate and manage your network. Ask about our rich IT networking solutions portfolio that includes:


  • Data center and virtualization

  • High-performance switching

  • Optical networking

  • Storage networking,

  • Server and application networking

  • Borderless networks—Wired and wireless service delivery to users anytime, anywhere: routers, switches, WAN optimization, optical and storage networking, network management and automation

  • Collaboration—Networks supporting communications services such as voice calls, messaging, call centers, audio conferences, online meetings, and teleconferencing


IntelliDwelling uses proven methodologies to provide networking solutions based on industry best practices and our implementation experience. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive Voice and Data Network Solutions.


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